Undergraduate Student Research

Africana Studies students take part in, and contribute to, a wide array of research undertakings. Students can conduct independent research or work with various faculty members in the department or our faculty affiliates. Each year to complete the major, Africana Studies majors are required to undertake a senior thesis on a topic of their choice advised by a faculty member or affiliated faculty within the university. Take a look at some recent thesis work by a few Africana Studies students below and check out our Africana Studies librarian, Leslie Morgan's blog with research and internship opportunities here.                                                                                                                      

Aluel Doldol Thesis 2020


Dayonni Phillips Thesis 2020-1
Dayonni Phillips Thesis 2020-2                                                                                         

        2017 Mann AFST Thesis

2017 Martin AFST Thesis

2017 Perry AFST Thesis

2017 Cha AFST Thesis