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Message to Africana

Students, Africana Studies Faculty colleagues, Affiliated Faculty, Alumni, Parents, Staff, and friends. 

The COVID – 19 virus has reshaped all our worlds in lightning fast speed.  We are working from home, preparing to teach our students online, meeting on zoom, learning how to approach our teaching synchronously (meeting regularly as a class) and asynchronously (meeting at different times and dates), and trying to stay a safe distance from each other.  Students have had to move off campus, request their books and computers be sent home, and now that classes will NOT resume before the end of the semester, figure out how to accept that they will be Notre Dame graduates, some of you, without even having the chance to interact with friends and classmates in all the ordinary ways they used to take for granted.  Our staff, Miss Gayle that’s you!, are in and out, but largely working from home, trying to figure out how to do all sorts of things without routine access to equipment and materials, and how for the moment at least, do it by cell phone. It would be exciting, except that it’s very scary, unpredictable and we have no idea when it will end.…

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