Faculty and Staff

The Department of Africana Studies has a core group of faculty members who are the primary mentors for our students advising theses, internships, and directed readings in the department along with their traditional teaching and research responsibilities.


They are joined by a group of affiliated faculty members from across the university who teach courses for Africana Studies on a regular basis.

Core faculty and staff are those whose "home department" is Africana Studies or who are jointly appointed faculty members in both Africana Studies and another discipline within the College of Arts and Letters.

Affiliated faculty are those faculty members who have formal ties to Africana Studies through coursework, research, or service to the University focused on Africa, the Diaspora, and the African American experience. 

Core Faculty & Staff

Gayle Staci Carter

Department Coordinator, Africana Studies

Maria K. McKenna

Director of Undergradute Studies, Africana Studies; Associate Professor of the Practice, Africana Studies & Education, Schooling, and Society

Ernest Morrell

Coyle Professor in Literacy Education; Africana Studies, English, Institute of Educational Initiatives; Director, ND Center for Literacy Education

Rev. Paulinus Odozor, C.S.Sp.

Associate Professor, Africana Studies & Theology

Jacquetta Page

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Africana Studies

(Rev. Canon) Hugh Page, Jr.

Vice President, Associate Provost; Dean of the First Year of Studies; Professor, Africana Studies & Theology

Richard Pierce

Associate Professor, Africana Studies & History

Dianne Pinderhughes

Chair, Department of Africana Studies; Professor, Africana Studies & Political Science; Notre Dame Presidential Fellow

Mark Sanders

Professor, Africana Studies & English

Affiliated Faculty

Steven Battin

Assistant Professor, Systematic Theology

Catherine Bolten

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Mariana Candido

Associate Professor, History

Jon Coleman

Director of Graduate Studies & Professor, History

Yacine Daddi Addoun

Assistant Professor, History

Darren Davis

Professor, Political Science

LaDonna Forsgren

Assistant Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre

Korey Garibaldi

Assistant Professor, American Studies

Karen Graubart

Associate Professor, History

Stuart Greene

Associate Professor, Africana Studies & English (Emeritus)

Richard Jones

Annenberg Director, Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics & Democracy

Emmanuel Katongole

Associate Professor, World Religions and World Church

Erin McDonnell

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Marisel Moreno

Associate Professor, Spanish

Leslie L. Morgan

Associate Faculty Librarian

Paul Ocobock

Assistant Professor, History

Rahul Oka

Ford Family Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Jason Ruiz

Director of Undergraduate Studies & Associate Professor, American Studies

Valerie Sayers

Professor, English

Sophie White

Associate Professor, American Studies