‘Reflections on the South African Constitution’ with Justice Leona Theron


Location: 3140 Eck Hall of Law (View on map )

Justice Leona Theron

Justice Leona Theron, a judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, will explore the evolving jurisprudence on the South African Constitution and the role of the Constitutional Court in effecting the transformative promise of the Constitution. Justice Theron will also reflect on her own legal career and experiences as a black woman in South Africa.

The South African Constitution, signed into law by President Nelson Mandela on December 10, 1996, after the demise of apartheid, is considered among the most progressive and influential Constitutions in the world. It contains a Bill of Rights that expressly protects the right to life, equality and human dignity, justiciable socio-economic rights, prohibits forms of discrimination, and provides for the direct and indirect application of rights to state and non-state actors. It also promotes the application of international law and foreign law in interpretating rights, making the South African Constitutional Court one the most comparative courts. Studied by scholars globally, this Constitution demonstrates how transformative constitutionalism can bring about change in society.

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Originally published at law.nd.edu.