Crossing the Color Line: A Film Screening with Director Sabrina Onana


Location: DeBartolo 101 (View on map )

What does it mean to grow up in Italy today as an Afro-descendant child of immigrants?

Sabrina Onana, born in Paris and raised in Naples, is a 24 year old sociologist, independent film-director and photographer. In her documentary, Crossing the Color Line, Sabrina gives us an opportunity to discover a new Italy often unrecognized on screens and by institutions.

Crossing the Color Line will guide us through the lives and stories of young Afro-descendants who tell us what it means to be Italian today. For years in Italy, many activists have been aiming to "change the narrative" and Crossing the Color Line carries out this imperative: Italian Afro-descendants speak out about their roots, language, identity with a deep awareness of their dual belonging intended not as a double absence but as a new way of addressing “Italianity”.

Join us in the screening of this unique documentary followed by a conversation with Sabrina as she shares how she navigates language, culture and identity as an Afro-Italian and her experience of dual-belonging as a child of immigrants.

Sponsored by the Italian Program in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. 

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