Webinar: "Pilgrimage in the Global Middle Ages: Hospitality and Encounter"


Location: Zoom

The Medieval Institute and the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion co-sponsored the first in our webinar series on pilgrimage. Why did medieval people go on pilgrimage, how did they travel, and what resources did they need while on the road?

“Pilgrimage in the Global Middle Ages: Hospitality and Encounter” examined medieval social institutions that supported pilgrims in the Christian, Muslim, and Chinese Buddhist traditions. Panelists Alexander Hsu (Asst. Teaching Professor of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame), Robin Jensen (Patrick O’Brien Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame), and Mun'im Sirry (Assoc. Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame) compared different cultural provisions for hospitality, pilgrims’ experience of encounter along the way, and the sacred art of shrines and holy places. 

This webinar was the first in a series of spring-semester events exploring the practice of pilgrimage, both historically across faith traditions and in present-day work for social justice.

Originally published at medieval.nd.edu.